Password protect USB drive

How to Password protect USB drive/ Flash drive on windows.

Data Leak Prevention Solution for Data in Portable Devices

September 23, 2013

Since this is the age of mobility, people carry laptop or portable storage devices with themselves so that they can work anywhere and anytime. Because the portability of laptop and storage devices, these devices are easy to be stolen and missing. Hence, you should know the truth that according to a recent study, it has been shown that about 46% of corporate information is leaked through small sized USB flash drives. A rough estimate of the average lost due to such data leak incidents have reached to 3.5 million dollars per year. Therefore, you need effective data leak prevention solution that would secure your data from all such data leak attempts.

All these facts emphasize the importance of USB security and file security in laptop and the need to secure your data from the incidents of data leak. To password protect USB drives and data in laptop so that if they get stolen or lost, the data that they contain will remain secure and protected, people are using USB security and folder locker.

In order to prevent data leakage through these portable devices, it is necessary to apply a newly designed data leak prevention tool that can block all types of unauthorized access to your data. Only by this way, can nobody be able to access your files without entering the correct password.

With the assistance of this software, you can protect the data by hiding it and it is only viewable by the authorized person with a valid decryption key. You can easily encrypt and decrypt any folders in your devices.

People are not able to delete copy and view any files in the encrypted folder without correct password. All you have to do is just simply select the files from the integrated file browser and encrypt them. The name and extension remains the same, so they can be later identified.

Then, you can travel with confidence without any fear. Your data is secure even if your laptop or USB is ever lost or stolen. This software is very easy to use compared to other software. You don’t have to create any special folders or volumes to store your folders. This forces you to reorganize your filing system and how you access your data.

Professional file locker and USB security are powerful and user friendly tool for encrypting and protecting your data. It is perfect for offices to keep important documents secure they want.

Camera Surveillance Is Not Enough Now For Company Security

September 11, 2013

In present since the crime rate is increasing, almost all people now worry about the security of data and information stored in computer in homes, companies. The people are concerned about safety of individuals’ and company’s valuable data. A good number of people are using modern equipment such as surveillance system to safeguard the entire house or company and their property in an efficient manner. There are so many reasons to invest in surveillance system. It brings a good number of advantages for the businesses.

However, there is another concern haunting many people. As the development of science and technology, the Internet criminal rate is also rapidly increasing. The valuable data and information of individuals and companies are likely to be stolen or leaked by hackers or even the wrong usage of the computer and the Internet by employees themselves. In this case, the surveillance system such as camera monitoring device is not able to keep track of this Internet activity, what people need now is the computer logging software.

This software can aid you a lot. It can track all activities on the computer of your staff members and can improve their performance when they are noticed that they are under monitoring online during the working time, for they won’t do anything unrelated to the job. It is quite simple to monitor the all your employees’ operations on the computer from any location.

This computer monitoring software allows the business owners to monitor more than one employees’ computer at the same time. It means you can monitor your staffs’ computer activities simultaneously. There are several reasons monitoring employees’ computer during the working hours, one of which is that monitoring the employees’ online activities will help the employers to get the first-hand intelligence and take measures to remedy the loss when the employees carelessly leak the data via the network. What’s more, monitoring staffs’ computer, this action itself will force employees to work harder and do nothing no concerning about the work. In this aspect, the computer tracking software will add more benefits for the company owners. By installing this software you can minimize the chances of any criminal activities in office premises.

In conclusion, if you have the slightest worry, then what you really need is a good employee monitoring program. Even the simplest of modern mac keylogger software give you invaluable information, but if you get one of the better ones you can do so much more. You should go out, do some research, and buy the best that you can find.

Lock File to Prevent Data Theft

The facts that data loss of enterprises and individuals leading to significant financial loss have warned us that we need to be extremely cautious about our private and confidential data and information, there is always someone out there somewhere that is looking to put one over on us and rob us of our money. They say that a gullible person is born every second, but that doesn't excuse the behavior of the individuals in question who try to steal money from these gullible people.


In this case, you can choose to use some protection measures to prevent the illegal access to your data and information to avoid data leakage and loss in advance. Locking file in current day’s world is of major importance. With sensitive information within the personal, commercial and public character progressively saved and sent electronically, obtaining it within the spying eyes of opportunists or cyber-terrorist should be important.


But what does file password protection software do? The function of encryption offered by this software is undeniably the most effective solution to prevent important data from ending up lost or stolen and falling into wrong hands, many people in the past didn't consider it worth the trouble. Loads of important data, as a direct consequence of this ignorance, got compromised and became the worst victim of data breach and online information theft. More than 515 million records breached since January 2011 in the United State and 57 percent of sensitive data losses on the whole were reported by Symantec.


Fortunately, data theft has not come with user's misery alone- many effective data protection and file encryption solution has been materialized alongside to ensure the security and confidentiality of your important data. As data theft become more common, more easily and cheap encryption solution has been made available at your doorstep. A range of file and document security options are now available that can keep your data safe even if a digital thief walks off with your notebook or invades your system.


With uncountable bits and bytes flying all around you and data transfer taking place at record numbers, important and confidential files and folders require a protection level that is robust enough to protect your files and folders from being illegally accessed by intruders and information spies. A protection that is perfectly able to protect unauthorized users in their track of reading, viewing, copying, deleting or moving your critical information.


Folder Lock has been a revolutionary program in data protection and security applications with a robust and comprehensive suite of data security functions and provides advanced data security features for users with government-level data protection needs